Saturday, 6 February 2021

Stock Market Rebound - Did You Get Rich?


So, did you get rich by timing last year's market crash and rebound? Nope?  Me either.

So what did we 'do' during last year's market crash - abso-bloomining-lutely nothing. 

Theoretically we could have made a killing by selling our stocks just before the crash and rebuying them at the bottom, but that is the thing about theoretical strategies, they ain't real life. I was so darned busy at work dealing with our Australian COVID health response, that last year's stock market crash happened and rebounded before I could spare a hot minute to even think about it. Thus by the time I checked my holdings in June 2020, nothing seemed too horribly amiss.

Hopefully none of us got spooked by the doomsday naysayers and sold our investments at the bottom of the crash either. That would have been the worst possible outcome. At our house, we just Dollar Cost Averaged right through the whole saga and as a result we are doing just fine. Being boring old 'gits' has paid off yet again.

All the smart cookies will no doubt have lots to say about my simplistic approach, but hey ..... the proof of the pudding is staring me right in the face - DCAing works. Out of mild interest, I looked back over the Feb - June 2020 transaction statements and only now realise that we automatically purchased parcels of investments 5 times during that period. It is these purchases that have now partly supported the healthy continuation of our portfolio.

All there is left to say is - Carry on MacDuff and cursed be he who first says "enough!". (apologies for the bad Shakespearian paraphrase but it seemed apt)



  1. We are in Belgium and have a Belgian pension savings scheme (limited to €960/person/year, 30% tax advantage), I filled these schemes for 2020 in January and February for us, and they have done nicely. The years that I already invested, and can do nothing about, didn't do so nicely, though.

    1. The different pension scheme of different countries I find so fascinating. It is all about consistent year on year contribution which will snowball in the long run. Lovely to hear from a Belgian reader!